Technical Evaluations and Analysis (STEP) from GE

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Technical Evaluations and Analysis (STEP) from GE-Image

Strategic Technical Environmental Partnership (STEP) Program from GE Energy

The STEP Audit is an evaluation of existing ventilation and process equipment to determine what changes are needed in order to maximize filtration efficiency, lower maintenance, and extend equipment life. This is an engineering design evaluation that focuses on your ventilation volumes, hooding, ductwork, collector, and fan. Budgetary investment values on recommended equipment may be included depending on the process and the suggested solutions.

Benefits of a STEP Audit:

  • Provides overview and analysis of existing system
  • Identifies problem areas of the ventilation equipment
  • Recommendations for repair or design changes
  • Increases planning accuracy
  • Recommendations for potential increased production
  • Recommendations for decreasing emissions and increasing system efficiency

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