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High Torque, Speed & Efficiency Stepper Motor

Featured Product from GEEPLUS Inc.

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Hybrid Stepper Motors

Our stepper motors achieve high efficiency via a new lamination design which produces torque typically 50–100% greater than round body designs.

Vital Characteristics of Geeplus Hybrid Stepper Motors:

Flexibility: The DSMH series comes in 7 sizes ranging from 20 to 110 mm flange.
 High Speed: The high torque of the DSMH stepper motors allows for high acceleration. Low-resistance windings allow for high speed.
 High Torque: Typically 40% more torque compared to conventional motors of similar size
 High Efficiency: The lamination design and the small air gap in the DSMH series keep electromagnetic losses to a minimum
 Low Noise and Vibration: The rectangular lamination design leads to a high stiffness in our hybrid stepper motors. The tooth geometry was especially designed to minimize audible noise and vibration.
 Numerous Options as Standard: Metric or SAE threads, shaft on either side, return spring, dust cover, tapped holes in armature plate
 Connectivity: Most motors in the DSMH family provide 8 leads. This allows for both serial and parallel connection in bipolar operation as well as unipolar connection.
 Customized Solutions Available: e.g. custom winding, custom shaft configurations, and addition of a leadscrew