Introducing the SUPER STROKE Solenoid!

Featured Product from GEEPLUS Inc.

Like a Proportional Solenoid at a Super Price: The Super Stroke Solenoid!

This solenoid is an M380 “Super Stroke” solenoid from Geeplus. By modifying the geometry of the solenoid’s pole piece and magnetic return path (tubular solenoid), Geeplus engineers have produced an actuator that develops useful force over a very long stroke, while displaying the characteristics of a proportional solenoid.

That means the solenoid develops a force that is proportional to the current being applied.

Because the Super Stroke solenoid has been loaded with a special spring with a rising rate force characteristic, as the current increases, the force developed by the solenoid increases, allowing the solenoid to move proportionally to the current being applied.

Because the solenoid is moving at a controlled speed, the noise at the at the end of the displacement is barely perceptible. Compare this to a standard tubular solenoid, where the displacement impact causes a spike on the sound meter. This quality makes the super stroke solenoid useful in applications that require a reduction in audible noise--For example, in elevator doors, automatic doors and locking devices, or in medical equipment in environments where patients are sensitive to noise.

You can find Super Stroke solenoid data sheets with the technical specifications, including charts detailing stroke vs. force and stroke vs response time on this and all of our solenoids and actuators by clicking the products tab at our website: