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Rotary Solenoids - Ideal for use in diverter gates

Featured Product from GEEPLUS Inc.

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Paper, Mail and Currency Sorting / Handling

Rotary solenoids are ideal for use in diverter gates for mail, package or paper handling, where fast operation and a high cycle life may be required. In such applications, our solenoids are used to divert or sort items into different containers, separated by any number of factors.

For large mail and package handling equipment, a ‘Pick & Hold’ circuit may be helpful to stabilize against voltage and temperature fluctuations

High speed and a long-life cycle are also typical demands for currency sorting applications. Geeplus designs extremely fast, highly reliable solenoids with a life of >100M cycles for money sorting machinery, due to the risk of financial loss. 

Additional Sorting & Handling Applications

Cash handling
 Coin handling/sorting
 Bank note sorting
 Paper handling
 Sheet material sorting