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Solenoids Guide - Find the right solenoid

Featured Product from GEEPLUS Inc.

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Geeplus linear solenoids are “high performance” products designed for industrial applications. If you can’t find the right product for your application within our standard linear solenoid selection, we can either adapt existing designs with respect to electrical or mechanical properties or develop completely new solenoids for your particular application.

Linear Solenoid Product Groups

Push-Pull Solenoids: Robust on/off type linear solenoids; optimized for high holding force
Tubular Solenoids: Robust on/off type linear solenoids; optimized for long stroke
Open Frame Solenoids: On/off type linear solenoids in cost-effective open frame
3-Position Solenoids: On/off type linear solenoids with 3 positions available in cost-effective open frame version or in tubular version
Proportional Solenoids: Linear solenoids controllable in force for limited strokes
Super Stroke Solenoids: Unique linear solenoid offering a long stroke with cost-effective semi-proportional control.
Latching Solenoids: Linear bistable solenoids with 2 positions in cost-effective open frame version

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