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Solenoids in Motion - Video

Featured Product from GEEPLUS Inc.

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The rotary movement in our rotary solenoids is converted from a linear motion by the mechanical incorporation of an inclined plane.

There are three uniform spiral grooves (called “ball races”) that are stamped into both the case and the armature. The ball races convert the linear motion to rotary, while also providing the bearing system for the rotary movement.

Check out this video on our innovative semi-proportional rotary solenoid design!


Notable Characteristics of Geeplus Rotary Solenoids:

• Angle of rotation up to 95° (depending on type)
• Starting torque up to 13Nm (gross starting torque at 20°C)
• High life expectancy: Up to >50 million cycles
• Mounted by studs
• Fast response time: Switching times <5ms possible (depending on size and load)
• Numerous standard options (metric or SAE threads, shaft on either side, return spring, dust cover, tapped holes in armature plate)
• Optional reduced noise option (special dust cover)
Viscous damping for size 491 and 591 (smooth operation, soft endstop, less noise)