Large Diameter Ball Valve

Product Announcement from GF Piping Systems

Large Diameter Ball Valve-Image

Available in five materials, Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, ABS, and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), the Type 546 Valve's multifunction module significantly expands the number of uses by allowing the user to easily add different accessories, actuators and switches. Using the multifunctional module, the new valves can be easily actuated with GF Piping's

PA Series of Pneumatic Actuators or EA31 Electric Actuators. The module's electric position feedback switch, available for both manual and actuated versions, signals a controller to indicate valve position and also transmits the information remotely, providing an excellent means of monitoring for both control and safety. With standard EN ISO 5211 interface, the module allows a variety of micro switches including Ag-Ni, Au as well as inductive switches with NPN, PNP and Namur signals for optimum versatility. The splash-proof module housing is manufactured of 30 percent glass-reinforced polypropylene for robust construction and secure mounting.

Designed for maximum efficiency and space-saving economies, the Type 546 Valve requires minimum torque for operation, allowing for smaller, less expensive actuators. This results in less wear, easier movement and longer valve life.

The Type 546 Valve incorporates a number of additional features that provide ease of use and high performance. The lockable handle prevents accidental movement or unwanted manipulation while its ratchet styling permits settings in 5 degree increments for precise positioning. Other outstanding characteristics include stainless steel threaded inserts for easy mounting, a smooth ball surface that prevents formation of deposits, and a special backing seal that ensures tight sealing, even with water hammer. The valve is rated for pressures up to 232 PSI (in PVC and CPVC) and 150 PSI (in ABS and PP).

With the new size ranges and added features, the new offering completes the Type 546 product line to provide a total of ten different sizes from 3/8" all the way to 4," allowing users to select one valve series to fit virtually any requirement - from the simplest to the most demanding applications.