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GGB plain bearing solutions for the fluid power industry offer reduced size and weight, increased efficiency, better durability and lower energy consumption in comparison to conventional bearings. Built to withstand demanding conditions, our fluid bearings deliver excellent wear properties, increased service life, better precision and efficiency, and compatibility with hydraulic fluids and water emulsions.

We offer precision hydrodynamic bearings for a wide range of fluid power applications, including shaft bearings, thrust plates, gear bearings, cradle bearings, bushing blocks and more. These high performance bearings are specifically designed to resist cavitation and chemical attacks and as a result of their robust nature, they are ideal for use in vane pumps, gear and piston pumps and motors. However, their forte lies in performance excellence when operating under high loads and speeds.

Beginning at the initial design phase, our expert application engineering team can partner with equipment manufacturers to identify ways that our fluid bearings can be built to improve functionality and efficiency. Our bearing design is a singular construction with no additional moving parts - the benefits of which are twofold. Firstly, the single piece product makes installation quick and easy which also reduces damage from its installation, and secondly, it significantly reduces the bearing’s operation noise. For example, our advanced aluminium alloys are manufactured with noise reduction properties - something our client’s rely on heavily as it is indicative of a low friction and smooth operation.

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GGB is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, self-lubricating and prelubricated bearings with production facilities in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China. The company serves more than 50,000 customers worldwide in a broad spectrum of applications and industries including automotive, fluid power, agricultural and construction equipment, sports and recreation equipment, renewable energy, primary metals and general industrial. Its product offerings include metal-polymer, solid polymer, filament wound and metal bearings and bushing blocks.  Also provided are industry-leading R&D and testing capabilities, flexible manufacturing, superior technical support and a global network of distributors. www.ggbearings.com.