10 kV - 5A, 20A, 30A PC & panel mount relay – G81

Product Announcement from GIGAVAC

10 kV - 5A, 20A, 30A PC & panel mount relay – G81-Image

The GIGAVAC G81A normally open and G81B normally closed HV relays are like our reed relay but on steroids! We took our G41 relay and put it in a reed relay PC and panel mount package. The result is higher stand off voltage than our G41 relay, up to 4 times the current carry of our best reed relay, and hot switching capability not available in such a small package.

Besides normally open and normally closed forms, the G81 is available in a variety of mounting and high voltage terminals (see G81 data sheets for details).

The GIGAVAC G81 relays can be mounted in any direction and can carry its rated current up to +125°C. Available Coil voltages are 12 Vdc, 26.5 Vdc & 115 Vdc with specials upon request. And remember, like all GIGAVAC relays, nearly all configurations are in stock for immediate shipment. Features:

• Smallest profile available for a high power 10kV relay • Four standard mechanical configurations offer extreme mounting and connection versatility

• Durable tungsten contacts for hot load switching (contact GIGAVAC for ratings)

• Vacuum dielectric for effective arc quenching when opening under load

• Meets or exceeds standards set in MIL-R-83725