3.5 kV, 18 Amp Low Profile HV Relay –GIGAVAC GH3

Product Announcement from GIGAVAC

3.5 kV, 18 Amp Low Profile HV Relay –GIGAVAC GH3-Image

With the GH3, a PC board is not necessary and the exclusive GIGAVAC changeable coil feature allows users to change the coil even after the relay has been installed. The GH3 can be mounted in any direction and can carry 18 Amps continuously at temperatures up to +125°C. Coil voltages are 12 Vdc, 26.5 Vdc & 115 Vdc with specials available upon request. The GH3 is also rated for "hot switching" (make & break) high voltage loads. Since the voltage, current, and required life are different for every application, GIGAVAC asks you to contact them free of charge to discuss your specific application needs Features:

• Low profile and extremely space efficient, 3.5kV 18 Amp rating • Easy to mount threaded base with jam nut

• Hot switch rated (contact GIGAVAC for ratings)

• Pre-tinned solder connections help make installation easy

• User interchangeable coils provide for coil driver versatility

• Meets or exceeds standards set in MIL-R-83725