8 kV, 10A DPDT polarity reversal relay –G12

Product Announcement from GIGAVAC

8 kV, 10A DPDT polarity reversal relay –G12-Image

The G12 is just 45mm tall and 38mm wide including terminals. It comes with through-panel mounting that keeps the high voltage and control circuits far apart—to eliminate cross talk and any chance of high voltage shorts to the coil circuit. It also has GIGAVAC's exclusive changeable coil feature that allows users to change the coil even after the relay has been installed. The G12 will operate from –55 to + 125 Degrees C and is not position sensitive so can be mounted in any direction.

If your application is make only or you want a little more voltage, you may want to consider our G17, which is the same relay but SF6 gas filled and potted for higher stand off.

And remember, like all GIGAVAC relays, nearly all configurations are generally in stock for immediate shipment.


• Double Pole Double Throw - Lower cost than using two relays to switch power • Smallest ceramic DPDT high voltage relay and more robust than glass • In-stock for immediate delivery • Sealed for years of failure-free operation, unlike open-air relays • Can be mounted in any direction – not position sensitive • Durable tungsten contacts for hot load switching (contact GIGAVAC for ratings) • Vacuum dielectric for effective arc quenching when opening under load • Good for RF applications • Pre tinned lead free solder high voltage connections making installation easy • User interchangeable coils for driver versatility • Meets or exceeds standards set in MIL-R-83725