8 kV, 12 A Narrow Relay for RF & DC – GIGAVAC G47

Product Announcement from GIGAVAC

8 kV, 12 A Narrow Relay for RF & DC – GIGAVAC G47-Image

With a through panel mounting dimension of just 13.2 mm, and the high voltage and coils on opposite ends of the relay, this little work horse eliminates any cross talk between the coil and high voltage terminals making it superior for RF applications.

The G47 can be mounted in any direction and can carry 30 Amps continuously at temperatures up to +125°C. Coil terminals have bus wires or turret terminals (optional) and available coil voltages are 12 Vdc, 26.5 Vdc & 115 Vdc with specials upon request. The G47 is also rated for "hot switching" (make & break) high voltage loads. Since the voltage, current, and required life are different for every application, GIGAVAC asks you to contact them free of charge to discuss your specific application needs.


• Slim design is extremely space efficient in multi-relay applications

• RF efficient design offers high power handling in a small package

• Durable tungsten contacts for hot load switching

• Vacuum dielectric for effective arc quenching when opening under load

• Can be mounted and used in any position

• Meets or exceeds standards set in MIL-R-83725