tProbe™ - T1 E1 VF and Serial Data Hardware

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GL's tProbe™ is an USB based T1 E1 VF Analyzer / Emulator that incorporates various features such as portability, USB interface, remote accessibility, scripting, and a vast collection of optional applications.

GL's tProbe™ also includes ability to add optional boards such as the Datacom Analyzer, and FXO-FXS Simulation boards. The FXO port on tProbe™ allows to simulate a two-wire FXO device such as a telephone or a fax machine. This feature allows you to capture and analyze data from a two-wire telephone line, as well as to generate and transmit analog data onto that two-wire line.

Similarly, the FXS port on tProbe™ emulates a two-wire FXS service such as a telephone wall jack.  This feature allows you to interface with an FXO device such as a telephone.  Server commands allow you to provide standard FXS features such as monitoring for the off-hook line, sending ring signals, and providing dial tone.

GL's tProbe™ Datacom Analyzer is designed for the service installation, verification, and maintenance of Datacom and telecom equipments. It provides a software selectable interface to emulate DTE, DCE and monitor the Datacom lines for both synchronous (sync), and asynchronous (async) modes of operation.

Increased Performance with 64-bit Support

GL’s T1/E1 analyzers supports both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. 64-bit support improves the performance of Protocol Analysers viz., ISDN, ISUP, GSM and allow users to monitor Hundreds to Thousands of Signalling Links simultaneously and continuously. Also, provides improved processing and response time for StatisticsCall Data RecordsSearch and other such functions.

Enhanced CCA application allows better processing and response time for multiple instances of CCA applications for long run tests. Similarly, all basic Intrusive and Non Intrusive applications such as BERTMonitoring ApplicationsOscilloscopeSpectral Display etc provide better processing and response time for multiple instances of monitoring and simulations windows.

MAPS™ Protocol Emulators are enhanced to provide improved performance for load generation and simulation of Protocols on 16 T1/E1 ports simultaneously.

Client Server commands support Thousands of Tasks simultaneously with number of successful thread creation. This helps to run Tx Rx FileTx and Rx Tone and Tx Rx Digits on 24/31 Timeslots * 8 Ports * n (where n is the number of tProbe™ T1 E1 Cards).

Common Features

  • Lightweight (1.24 lbs) and small footprint (6.05" x 5.55" x 1.60 ")
  • T1 E1 Pulse Shape, Jitter Measurement Analysis and Jitter Generation
  • tProbe™ FXO and FXS board allows simulating FXO and FXS ports; FXO port to simulate a two-wire FXO device such as a telephone or a fax machine and the FXS port on tProbe™ to emulate a 2-wire FXS service such as a telephone wall jack.
  • tProbe™ Datacom Analyzer board supports V.24, V.35, V.36, RS-449, RS-485, EIA-530 and EIA-530A interfaces and can be configured as DTE or DCE to test Channel Service Unit (CSU) and Data Service Unit (DSU) entities
  • Software selectable T1 or E1 interface along with Drop and Insert
  • Monitor the T1/E1 line conditions such as frame errors, violations, alarms, frequency, power level, and clock (or frame/bit) slips.
  • TDM, ISDN, SS7 – High Density Voice 
  • VoIP, Frame Relay, Multilink Frame Relay, PPP and Multilink PPP, HDLC 
  • Physical layer analysis includes ability to send alarms and errors via SNMP Traps
  • Routing and Bridging emulation over Multi T1/E1 WAN interfaces using MLPPP (Multi Link PPP) and MFR (Multi Link Frame relay) protocols 
  • Call Recording, Generation, and Monitoring for hundreds to thousands of calls in one platform 
  • Capable of simulating as well as decoding and demodulating fax calls over T1/E1 lines using Fax Simulator andFaxScan™
  • Windows® and Linux Drivers for Open Source Applications 
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® operating system.

GL's offers other popular forms of T1 E1 analysis hardware such as

  • Octal/Quad T1 E1 Analyzer Boards - 8/4 port PCIe based cards for higher scalability and performance
  • Dual Express T1 E1 Boards – 2 port PCIe based cards for compatibility with newer motherboards
  • Portable USB T1 E1 Analyzer with Dual T1 E1 ports & smallest form factor
  • Universal T1 E1 Analyzer Boards - a dual port PCI based T1 E1 analyzer offering higher speed and smaller dimensions. 
  • tScan16 - a high-density T1/E1 board with 16 ports and the newer PCIe (x1) bus interface.