End to End Voice Quality Testing (POLQA v3)

Featured Product from GL Communications, Inc.

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GL's VQT application is available with the following options:

  • POLQA only (Optional upgrade POLQA v3)
  • PESQ only
  • POLQA (Optional upgrade POLQA v3) with PESQ
ITU Algorithms

The GL Voice Quality Testing (VQT) product utilizes several industry standard ITU algorithms in order to measure the speech quality of a transmitted voice file. VQT compares the original unprocessed signal with the degraded version using POLQA (ITU-T P.863) and PESQ (ITU-T P.862+P.862.1) international standard voice quality test methods. The GL VQT can either be installed or operated on a stand-alone system or reside as an optional feature, on other GL products. GL's VQuad™ also supports the POLQA (ITU-T P.863) standard for voice quality analysis

  • Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis (POLQA)
    • Operations Performed by POLQA
    • Results Provided by POLQA
  • Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ)
    • Operations Performed by PESQ
    • Results Provided by PESQ
  • ITU.56 Measurements
  • Voice Quality Testing (VQT) using POLQA ver 2.4 (ITU-T P.863), optional upgrade POLQA ver3 (ITU-T P.863), and PESQ (ITU-T P.862)
  • Updates associated with POLQA v3 include a redesigned perceptual model for Full Band Audio analysis which is validated for VoLTE, 5G and OTT apps (supporting EVS and OPUS codecs)
  • Supports PESQ ITU-P.862.2 and POLQA for Wideband
  • POLQA ITU-T P.863 for next generation voice quality testing supporting NB (8000 sampling), WB (16000 sampling) and SWB (Super Wideband) (48000 sampling)
  • Evaluate audio quality with MOS, E-Model, SNR, jitter, clipping, signal level, noise level, and delay measurements
  • Measure packet jitter in VoIP networks
  • Analyze the effects of codec compression in wireless networks
  • VQT supports analysis of PCM16 files consisting raw data as well as u-law/a-law encoded data
  • VQT also support analysis of uncompressed wav files consisting of narrow band, wide band and super wide band signals
  • Provides POLQA and PESQ Mean Opinion Score (MOS) results
  • Sophisticated search features on the results within the VQT application
  • Playback and display of audio files from within VQT using Goldwave software
  • Complete automatic logging of all results (both file and database) with the ability to import log back into VQT.
  • All results along with call control information are sent to central database. Query results remotely using the WebViewer™
  • Support for Central DB Primary and Secondary IP addresses for backup and redundancy
  • Real-time mapping (most countries supported) of results when optional GPS is used in conjunction with VQuad™
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) support to control VQT nodes remotely. Supported on Windows® and Linux
POLQA v3 Upgrade Enhancements
  • POLQA v3 Super Wideband supports 14kHz to full audio bandwidth up to 24kHz.
  • Full band analysis improves accuracy in assessment of codecs such as EVS, OPUS, AAC and LC3, as these codecs are used in many OTT applications.
  • With full band support the discriminative power of POLQA at the upper high-quality range of the MOS scale is increased.
  • Current OTT voice services using VoLTE/5G include highly dynamic delay jitter which leads to variations of the duration of very short pauses during speech. POLQA v3 handles these variations with increased precision.
  • POLQA v3 is less sensitive to linear frequency distortions than POLQA v2.4. This makes measurements less dependent on the frequency characteristics of headsets.
  • Perceptual model of POLQA v3 is significantly improved and streamlined.