5G N1 N2 (NGAP) Interface Emulation using MAPS™

Featured Product from GL Communications, Inc.

5G N1 N2 (NGAP) Interface Emulation using MAPS™-Image

GL’s Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is designed for testing 5G–N1N2 interfaces can simulate gNodeB (gNB), and AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function) according to 3GPP Release 15 standards.

MAPS™ N1N2 Emulator supported Procedures are - NG Reset, NG Setup, Initial Context Setup, UE Context Release, Registration, De-registration, Primary authentication and key agreement procedure, Security mode control, Identification. The application gives the users an unlimited ability to edit NGAP/NAS messages and call scenarios (message sequences). "Message sequences" are generated through scripts. "Messages" are created using message templates.

The product supports Mobile traffic core – GTP (ETH101) simulation for user-plane packet transmission and reception services between any two nodes in 5G network. Mobile Traffic Core – Gateway (ETH102) module allows simulation of Gateway Traffic to test media gateway telephony interfaces over IP. These modules also support generation and verification of data traffic such as FTP, Web (HTTP), Video, and more.

Supported Procedures in N1 and N2 interfaces includes-

  • NG Reset
  • NG Setup
  • Initial Context Setup
  • UE Context Release
  • Registration
  • De-registration
  • Primary authentication
  • key agreement procedure
  • Security mode control
  • Identification

Possible applications include:

  • NGAP and NAS procedure and protocol compliance testing
  • Simulate multiple gNodeBs/AMFs and millions of subscribers using CSV configurations
  • 5G System wide features such as SMS, Location Services, Emergency Services
  • Authenticate and confirm security procedures
  • QoS requests for greater or lesser bandwidth
  • Temporary addressing management for mobility and security