Automated Testing of IVR and VM Systems

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GL’s intrusive test tools such as MAPS™ and VQuad™ can be used to automate testing of IVR tree traversal for pass/fail conditions with great precision. Record each prompt (IVR menus) to file in an automated fashion and forward the recorded audio files for Speech-to-Text (STS) Transcription Server for transcription and analysis. Both MAPS™ and VQuad™ testing platforms allow IVR testing over various network types such as 2-wire (FXO, FXS), TDM, IP, and Wireless (Bluetooth®, Radio, VoLTE, UMTS, GSM,...). The test procedure adapted by these test tools is not limited to IVR testing but can also be applied to any announcement verification and voicemail testing, where the voice prompt is recorded, transcribed, and compared with expected text.

MAPS™ provides a unique architecture for multi-interface, multi-protocol simulation, which make it suitable for testing any core network, access network and inter-operability functions. VQuad™ Probe HD is an all-in-one self-contained hardware supporting multiple physical interfaces for connecting to practically any end point in wired or wireless network while automatically performing end-to-end voice and data testing over any network.

Using ready-to-use scripting with these products it is possible to automate the IVR testing process. GL's IVR test platforms can detect user-defined digits, send DTMF digits in response to voice prompts, tones, and play/record voice files, perform speech-to-text transcription, and analyze transcribed text for correctness, using a simple setup and automate the whole process through scripts. 

On the established call with DUT (IVR system), the GL’s Voice Quality Testing  can perform speech quality assessment (using POLQA or PESQ) and path confirmation tests to measure network voice quality, effect of different codecs on speech transcription quality, effect of noise, echo, and bit error rate

Main Features

  • Simulate IVR Users and IVR System
  • Automate the IVR testing process - call establishment, menu traversal, and traffic generation detection process through scripts
  • Navigates all options on an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu for testing (using bulk call scripting)
  • Voice recognition testing (using bulk call scripting)
  • Automated Speech-to-Text conversion and analysis for recorded voice prompts
  • Depending on Speech-to-Text analysis result, GL test platform responds to the prompt by transmitting DTMF digits, tones, or voice file
  • Monitor IVR System for voice and data quality
  • Single-box portable solution as well as Rackmount PC solution for higher density
  • Complete automation with enhanced scripting and remote operation including traffic generation and call control scripting
  • Perform audio quality measurement (POLQA, PESQ) narrow band and wide band HD voice
  • Perform path confirmation tests
  • Within a proper voice call, additional analysis is available such as Round-trip Delay (RTD) and Voice Quality Testing (VQT)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) support for remote testing