End-to-End VoIP Air Traffic Network Simulation

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Voice communications for air traffic management, whether it is Air-Ground (A-G) or Ground-Ground (G-G) were predominantly over TDM based Air Traffic Management (ATM) networks.  With the latest developments in EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment) ED-137 inter-operability standard, it is now possible to implement VoIP technology for voice services for air traffic control.

GL tools for signalling emulation and voice quality testing offer an end-to-end test solution for testing connections from the radio interfaces to the Controller Working Position (CWP). 

The following products are included in GL’s End-To-End Signalling Emulation and Voice Quality Test Suite:

  • Critical Delay Measurements
  • Bulk Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-Ground Call Simulation
  • AG, GG call recording and Recorder interface simulation
  • Voice Quality Testing
  • IP Network Monitoring
  • WAN IP Link Simulation

The following simulators are ED137 B and C versions compliant and are VOTER validated:

MAPS™ ED137 Controller Simulation

  • Emulates Telephone interface at CWP endpoints as per ED-137/2B & 2C verions.
  • Enhanced to support multiple CWP endpoints simulation
  • Portable, easy to configure and use during in-the-field installation, system configuration/ test and commissioning
  • Supported call types include Instantaneous Access, Priority Direct/Indirect Access, Routine Tactical Direct/Indirect Access, Routine Strategic Direct/Indirect Access, Routine General Purpose Direct/Indirect Access, and Position Monitoring (Combined A/G and G/G, A/G only, and G/G only) Call
  • Supports hundreds of simultaneous calls and load generation can be automated completely along with traffic.
  • Allows to define DSCP (Differentiated Service Code Point) values for signaling and voice traffic.
  • Supports complete customization of SDP and SIP headers, call flow, and messages.
  • Supports both UDP and TCP (IPv4 and IPv6).

MAPS™ ED-137 Radio Simulation

  • Supports both ED137 -1B and 1C versions of Air-Ground call simulation
  • Support for Multiple Radio Simulation (up to 200 Radios) within single instance of the software
  • Supports hundreds of simultaneous calls and complete automation of bulk call generation with traffic
  • Support for user-events that can be applied dynamically on an established call (Re-Invite, PTT Priority, Signal Quality Information (SQI), CLIMAX Time Delay, Receive Traffic, Delay Compensation messages (RMM and MAM), Radio Remote Control, Impairments, Play to Speaker, RTP Audio/R2S-Keepalives
  • CWP and GRS nodes support Radio Receiver Multicast operation, selective calling with SELCAL tone transmission, non-VoIP source PTT keying, WG67 KEY-IN event, Test PTT

MAPS™ ED137 Recorder Emulator

  • Emulates ED137-4B and 4C versions Recorder interface at CWP, GRS and Recorder endpoints
  • Simulates recording interface at CWP, VCS, GRS and Recorder end points
  • Supports all three media transport methods: Embeded Binary Data, RTP over TCP and RTP over UDP
  • Simulates Recorder interface on multiple CWPs and Radios from single instance of MAPS™
  • Simulates Recorder interface for both Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-Ground calls
  • Supports RTP over independent UDP, independent TCP and Interleaved RTSP
  • Supports simulating multiple recording servers from single instance of MAPS™
  • Recorder node records the voice on sessions to audio files and saves Call Record Data to CSV files
  • Scripts to automate PTT and Squelch operations on AG recording sessions
  • Customization of each CWP/GRS profile to emulate an AG/GG call
  • Options to easily add custom call record data properties (like Caller, Callee, Frequency) and operations (like PTT, Squelch, Call Hold)
  • Up to 200 RTSP sessions can be generated or recorded simultaneously