MDOT MTA Transit Information Contact Center

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The Maryland Transit Administration operates multiple modes of transportation in the Baltimore area. The Transit Information Contact Center (TICC) directly interfaces with thousands of MDOT MTA customers on a daily basis and is on the front lines of customer support and transit-related information distribution. The TICC equipment includes voice activated bilingual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) servers, Web Application Servers (WAS) and other critical Contact Center Servers. GL has supported TICC operations for many years and has provided on-site staff augmentation, project management, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) development. Project management services have included call center upgrades for the VoIP PBX, the recording applications, and the IVR. Recent projects include: the IVR High Availability (24x7), the IVR Integration with Swiftly for real-time information, and the TICC PBX upgrade and the replacement of the Recording, Quality Monitoring and Workforce Management applications. GL also provided a methodology for generating daily statistical reports for TICC management.

GL’s on-site staff augmentation duties include the following:

  • Operate and configure the IVR system; support and configure database schedule changes.
  • Manage the recording applications used for call and screen recording.
  • Administer the Quality Monitoring that allows supervisors to monitor the agent performance.
  • Assist TICC management by configuring and generating reports on call center statistics.
  • Administer the workforce management application for management to schedule their staff.
  • Ensure proper operation of all equipment in the contact center, including the VoIP switch.
  • Provide support to agents and interface with MDOT MTA IT for the contact center.

About GL Communications' ConsultingServices

GL Communications Inc. provides technical consulting engineering, and testing services for all telecom networks. GL is a DBE/MBE firm certified by Maryland DOT, New Jersey DOT, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Virginia DOT, and South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

With extensive telecom experience, GL offers a comprehensive suite of testing services to evaluate complex networks. Our engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of testing, including designing test plans, developing test procedures, conducting tests, and documenting test results. Our customers include telecom wireless and landline carriers, mass transit administrations and public safety systems nationwide. We have designed hundreds of wired and wireless telecom network systems over the years.

Our project management services are very cost efficient and include:

  • Testing of high-speed telecom networks (T1, E1, T3, E3, OC-3, OC-12, STM-1, STM-4, etc)
  • Testing of VoIP, ATM and Central Office switches
  • RSSI field strength measurements and voice quality testing of public safety land mobile radio systems
  • Drive testing to verify commercial cellular service coverage
  • Assessment and audio survey of public address systems in transit/metro stations