Multistream UDP/TCP Traffic Generator and Analyzer

Featured Product from GL Communications, Inc.

Multi Stream UDP/TCP Traffic Generator and Analyzer is an optional application available within PacketExpert™ 10G, 1G test platforms. It is capable of generating multi-stream Ethernet traffic of varying packet length and also analyze the loopback traffic.


  • Test tool with both Ethernet traffic generation and analysis capabilities in one-box
  • Generate and analyse packets at 1GigE and 10GigE line rates, with zero packet loss
  • Up to 16 multiple streams are generated on both 1G and 10G port
  • Traffic Generation –
    • Supports multiple streams with varying test configurations
    • Streams can be defined with various header fields like Source/Destination MAC Address, VLAN Id, Source/Destination Ipv4 Address, Source/Destination UDP ports
    • EMIX frame sizes supported per service – up to 5 frame sizes can be defined per stream
    • Stacked VLAN supported – C-Tag and S-Tag to simulate Carrier Ethernet traffic
  • Traffic Analysis –
    • KPIs supported - Information Rate (IR) or Throughput, Frame Loss Ratio (FLR), Frame Transfer Delay (FTD) or Latency, and Frame Delay Variation (FDV) or Jitter, measured simultaneously for multi streams
    • Easily monitor the bandwidth performance using live throughput consolidated graphical view for all the streams
    • Provides IR (throughput), FTD, FLR, FDV graphs
    • Detailed per stream statistics for unique streams
    • Provides per port frame statistics like Total Frames/Bytes Received, Rx Frame Rate, Rx Data Rate, etc
  • Command Line Interface for automated testing and remote accessibility