Next Generation Network Analyzer - PacketScan™

Featured Product from GL Communications, Inc.

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GL's PacketScan™ - an All-IP Network Monitoring software offers powerful features to capture and monitor live signaling and traffic over IP (version 4 and 6). The application can capture, segregate, monitor and collect statistics all types of calls over IP. Almost all VoIP and Wireless protocols and traffic types over IP network, as listed here, can be captured and decoded for troubleshooting network problems.

The PacketScan™ is available in the following flavours -

  • Real-time PacketScan™ (PKV100) software
  • PacketScan™ HD (High Density) IP Traffic Analyzer w/ 4x1GigE (PKV120) – includes Online PKV100 for temporary audio codec support
  • PacketScan™ HD (High Density) Network Monitoring Appliance w/ 2x10GigE (PKV122) – includes Online PKV100 for temporary audio codec support

GL’s PacketScan™ HD is a high density multi-protocol 2U rack mounted network monitoring appliance that can capture and process packets over IP on high speed Ethernet links of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps links.

Some of the important applications of PacketScan™ are:

  • Supports decoding of almost all industry standard signalling protocols – See Protocol List for more details.
    • SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T, H.323, MEGACO, MGCP, Skinny (SCCP)
    • IMS-SIP, Diameter
    • LTE (requires additional licensing)
    • SIGTRAN – SS7, ISDN (requires additional licensing)
    • GSM A and Abis over IP (requires additional licensing)
    • GPRS Gb and Gn over IP (requires additional licensing)
    • UMTS IuCs and IuPs over IP (requires additional licensing)
    • T.38 and Video calls
  • Monitors QoS (quality of service) on voice and video calls
  • All traffic supported – Digits, Tones, Voice, Video, Fax Live monitoring Ipv4 and IPv6 (version 4 and version 6) networks
    • listen/record audio and video data of a session in real-time
    • perform power, frequency, spectral, tone and digit analysis
    • monitor / record audio and video data of a session to files (in QuickTime *.qt format), and play-back video using 3rd party VLC Viewer application; these features allow user to perform powerful video analysis to get an exact picture of QoS (quality of the service)
    • Video Statistics provides a measure of Video Call Quality in IP networks; these include Media Type, SSRC, Packet Statistics, Average Delay/Gap, Video Frame count, Frame rate, Media Delivery Index (MDI- (Delay Factor: Media Loss Rate)), and Average MDI for each session
  • SIP ED137B for Air Traffic Monitoring (Air-to-Ground, and Ground-to-Ground)
  • Segregates, captures, and collects statistics on VoIP and Wireless calls 
  • Permits analysis of adherence to protocol standards for the system under test or observation
  • Provides graphical presentation of analysis including ladder diagrams of protocols