PacketLoad-High Density Mobile Traffic Simulation

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As traffic intensity increases, network elements within wireless network (including switches, routers, gateways and transmission) can impart various impairments such as errors, excessive delay, congestion, blocking, loss, and degrade quality. Their ability to handle huge traffic requires proper test and verification methods. Simulating high volume of mobile data traffic is extremely valuable to analyze the network elements characteristics as a function of traffic intensity and traffic type (Stateful HTTP, UDP, and PCAP Replay).


GL’s MAPS™ Server with PacketLoad appliance supports massive simulation of UEs (up to 500,000) along with high volume of mobile GTP-C (control plane), GTP-U (user plane) and packet traffic for up to 4 Gbps or 40 Gbps to load test or stress test core UMTS/LTE networks.

The solution allows to encapsulate the generated packet data within GTP headers and transmit through the gateway points such as SGSN & GGSN, or SGW & PGW. It allows simultaneous simulation of multiple sessions per user to verify bearer allocation bandwidth at the end points. Currently, the solution offers stateful TCP/HTTP, and PCAP Replay traffic types. PacketLoad supports HTTP traffic simulation with the base requirements such as port number, server IP address, and pre-canned HTTP traffic file.

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