Test Legacy and Next Generation Hybrid Network

Featured Product from GL Communications, Inc.

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GL can test legacy and next generation networks simultaneously through one self-contained platform. This platform is a 1U rack chassis that houses several interfaces for network testing including VF, FXO and FXS, T1 E1, Datacom, and Ethernet ports. This platform can analyze and emulate traffic traversing these links. For example, perform bit error rate testing, send, and receive tones, digits, audio files, packets and more. The platform can also monitor and record traffic by being placed in-line on a network.

Overview Hybrid networks, consisting of TDM and Ethernet interfaces, are widely found in mission critical networks such as air traffic control networks. This is because the legacy technology is still reliable, and the infrastructure is already in place to service these traffic flows. More modern technologies such as Ethernet are designed to complement rather than replace these legacy networks. TDM and Ethernet can both be used for voice communications traffic. Therefore, network engineers and technicians need a platform versatile enough to test hybrid networks.

GL's network test equipment can be conveniently stored in a 1U rack enclosure and therefore easily deployed into a server room or lab environment. In the picture shown, we have placed the tProbe™ + Datacom board and the PacketExpert™ into such an enclosure. The tProbe™ can test TDM and Datacom interfaces whereas the PacketExpert™ can test Ethernet up to 10 Gbps.