OEM High Speed Magnetic Drive Pump

Featured Product from GRI Pumps (A Gorman-Rupp Company)

The high-speed 17651-096 has a ceramic thrust washer that improves the life over previous Mag-Drive pumps. A high RPM brushless DC motor enables the pump to reach pressures of 24 psi.

For OEM options or if you do not find the necessary specifications for your project, please contact a technical market-based sales person to discuss the right solution for your specific pumping application requirements.

Testing performed in a controlled laboratory environment. Actual performance may vary (+) or (-) 10%.

Pump Specifications:

  • Max. Flow Rate 8.68 GPM
  • Max. Discharge Head 50.41 FT
  • Max. System Pressure 75 PSI
  • Max. Fluid Temperature 195°F
  • Connections (Size/Type)
    Outlet 1/2″ MHB
  • Duty Cycle Continuous
  • Approximate Weight 4 lbs


Materials in Contact with Solution:

  • Body Noryl®
  • Impeller LCP
  • Shaft Ceramic
  • Thrust Bearing Ceramic
  • O-ring (static) EPDM


Electrical Characteristics:

  • Operating Voltage 24V
  • Motor Type
    Bearing Brushless D.C.
  • Max. Watts 100.6 at Full Flow



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There are many variables that must be considered when specifying a magnetic drive pump for an OEM application. At first glance you may not find a pump that meets your exact requirements. GRI recommends that you contact our Technical Sales Staff to discuss your project so that the right pump can be specified. Many times we will customize an existing pump to meet your needs or design a new pump according to your system’s exact specifications.

The Importance of Specifying a Pump Early in the OEM Design Process
Check out GRI’s “Emphasis On Pumps” article in the October 2013 issue of MDT magazine.  Knowing the specific fluid pumping requirements of an application upfront in the development process is important. Unfortunately many device and system designers neglect to consider the fluid pumping requirements until late in the design process.

Many times a designer will have to perform costly alterations to systems or devices to make their design compatible with a pump chosen late in the design process. Being that many times a pump is the “heart” of a system, it makes sense to begin the specification process early rather than later. Careful planning saves not only time and money, but also headaches. 

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Serving the Original Equipment Manufacturer since 1953, Gorman-Rupp Industries’ reputation and success have been built on innovative fluid pump designs, customer service, and providing products to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

GRI’s fluid pumping knowledge and expertise comes from working with domestic and international partners in a variety of markets and OEM applications for over 60 years. Whether it is replacing an existing pump or working with you on a new OEM fluid pumping application, GRI’s proven concepts and engineered designs will provide a unique solution to your fluid pumping dilemma.

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