Pumps for Laboratory & Analytical Instrumentation

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Laboratory & Analytical Instrumentation
GRI’s custom fluid pumps provide accurate, chemical resistant, contamination-free designs for applications in the global Laboratory and Analytical Instrumentation Market. Applications include lab glassware washers, needle and syringe crushers, blood analyzing equipment, sterilizing equipment, waste removal systems, and water purification systems.

GRI’s proprietary blend of materials in our bellows pumps, FDA approved components in our oscillating pumps, and leak-free characteristics in our magnetic drive pumps combined with our quality, testing, and manufacturing capabilities, make GRI a leader in the Laboratory and Analytical Instrumentation Market.

Whether it is an opportunity for fluid metering, sterilizing laboratory and surgical equipment, a critical analytical application, or a simple fluid circulation loop, GRI offers a time-tested, trusted portfolio of fluid pumps. Proven products in the Laboratory and Analytical Instrumentation Market include:


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The Importance of Specifying a Pump Early in the OEM Design Cycle 
Knowing the specific fluid pumping requirements of an OEM application upfront in the development and design cycle is important. Unfortunately, many device and system designers neglect to consider their fluid pumping requirements until late in the design cycle.

GRI Pumps (A Gorman-Rupp Company)
Fluid pumps for the Original Equipment Market
Serving the Original Equipment Manufacturer since 1953, Gorman-Rupp Industries’ reputation and success have been built on innovative fluid pump designs, customer service, and providing products to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

GRI’s fluid pumping knowledge and expertise comes from working with domestic and international partners in a variety of markets and OEM applications for over 60 years. Whether it is replacing an existing pump or working with you on a new OEM fluid pumping application, GRI’s proven concepts and engineered designs will provide a unique solution to your fluid pumping dilemma.