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Product Announcement from GT Schmidt Marking Systems

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Column Mounted and Bench Top Pin Marking Systems

Schmidt offers two durable and extremely precise stand alone column mounted and bench top dot peen (stylus) pin marking systems.

The Styliner® Mark3 and Mark4 dot peen stylus markers are specifically designed to accommodate a variety of materials and part sizes, and are capable of marking flat, curved, convex, or concave parts, as well as, irregular and delicate surfaces.

The Styliner® Mark3 dot peen marker has a wide range of capabilities and software that is extremely easy to program. The Styliner® marking head is extremely precise, durable and virtually maintenance free. All this makes marking your parts simpler, and saves production time and expense. The Styliner® Mark3 dot peen marker can apply permanent date codes, sequential serial numbers, manufacturing place of origin identifications marks on your parts, sub-assemblies and finished products in accordance with ISO certification guidelines.

Mark3 Dot Peen Styliner® Pin Marking System Features:

  • 3" x 2" or 4" x 4" standard marking fields
  • Aluminum column with 8" of height adjustment
  • Straight, angular, radial, and circular marking capabilities, as well as, logos and graphics
  • Carbide Stylus can mark up to 64 Rc, with diamond tip stylus available for harder parts
  • Automatic serialization and data coding
  • Light weight aluminum base with locating holes for part fixturing
  • Marks up to 10 characters per second
  • Variety of character height available, can vary depending on the marking field limit
  • Pneumatic Service: 85 psi, 2-3 SCFM Ave

The Mark3 dot peen marking machine is high quality, programmable marking equipment at an affordable price. This is a fully featured machine, with a 3" x 2" marking field. The Mark3 dot peen marker can accommodate parts up to 8" in height when used as a stand alone, column mounted system. The lightweight head is also very useful when used as a portable unit, or can be integrated to your production line.

Follow this link for our Mark3 dot peen marker brochure.

Schmidt manufactures the Styliner® series of dot peen pin marking systems which include:

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