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Product Announcement from GT Schmidt Marking Systems

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Schmidt numbering heads and numbering machines are made to meet your specific serial numbering and sequential part marking applications requirements. Our machine style number heads are available in t-bolt and dove tail mounts.

Schmidt's standard and custom numbering heads and numbering machines are for manual part marking, roll marking and press marking machines.

Automatic and manual numbering heads to mark sequential serial numbers, product codes, date codes or lot codes into your steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or wood products or components. Schmidt Marking Systems is an ISO 9000:2001 registered manufacturer of marking machines and marking devices.

Marking your products with legible, accurate information is essential to ensure product traceability and to confirm that the correct replacement parts are ordered should service be required.

Schmidt numbering heads incorporate accurately engraved marking wheels and they are built from hardened tool steels for long, reliable service in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Model 10 Automatic Numbering Head

The Schmidt Model 10 automatic numbering head is the industry standard for stamping consecutive serial numbers, date codes, lot codes or numerical product identification in aluminum, steel, plastic, stainless steel or wood components or products.

The always reliable Model 10 features:

  • Direct reading feature - Direct reading characters are characters that are engraved on the marking wheels that are clearly visible to the operator for checking the set-up from the front of the numbering head.
  • Blank neutral position - All wheels have a blank neutral position to eliminate the need for prefix zeros. As an example, a three character reading stamped with a five wheel numbering head reads 123 and not 00123.
  • Right and left rocker arms - The numbering head can be tripped from either the left or the right side, either manually or by means of a pneumatic or hydraulic tripping attachment.

Repeat-O-Head Hand Style Numbering Heads

Hand style numbering heads are available for use in infrequent or low volume numbering applications. Part numbers, identification numbers, codes, dates, etc, are set by manually turning the numbering head wheels to the required number positions. Once set, a locking pin retains the numbering head wheel positions.

Standard hand held numbering heads are available with four through seven wheels and character sizes of 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8". Each wheel is engraved zero though nine with a blank space (no need for the prefix zero unless you want them).

Semi-Automatic Numbering Heads

Some numbering head applications require consecutive numbering coupled with constant data. Schmidt Marking Systems semi-automatic numbering heads will satisfy these requirements.

Schmidt Marking Systems offers semi-automatic numbering heads for use in roll marking machines and press marking machines. Barrel style semi-automatic numbering heads for use exclusively in roll marking machines.

Non-Automatic Numbering Heads

Schmidt marking Systems offers a wide variety of manual or non-automatic numbering heads that will suit your application.

With non-automatic numbering heads, all of the wheels must be set, moved or rotated into position manually. The non-automatic numbering head is designed for applications in which changes and repeats are common, but sequential numbering is not required. The Repeat-O-Head shank style numbering head is available for punch or press operations requiring date or shift code marking on extended parts runs.

Regardless of the numbering application, Schmidt Marking Systems can recommend a numbering head that will fill the requirement.

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