Application Guide to Uses of Phenoxy Resins

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Adhesives, Composites, Coatings, Inks and Plastics - This application guide provides insight into the specific performance features, benefits and chemistries of Phenoxy Resins. Learn how to improve your products by including the most appropriate phenoxy resins. 

Phenoxy Resins are used to add superior adhesion promotion to a wide variety of substratesSee the Adhesives Application Guide & Table 

Phenoxy Resins are invaluable in composites, both in fiber sizing and in matrix resin compositions.  See the Composites Application Guide & Table

In coatings phenoxy resins perform in can coatings, drum linings, primers and coatings for flexible substrates -  and so many more. See the Coatings Application Guide & Table

Phenoxy Resins find use in blends of PBT, PET, PPO, nylon, and polycarbonate resins for modifying physical properties such as tensile, flexural, and impact strengths.  See the Plastics Application Guide & Table