Mil-Spec Coax, Pro Video Cable

Product Announcement from Galaxy Wire and Cable, Inc.

Mil-Spec Coax, Pro Video Cable-Image

Galaxy Wire and Cable provides an outstanding line of quality video cables including Mil-Spec Coax (i.e., RG179, RG180, RG142, RG405 and many more), Plenum Rated Coax, Video/SDI Coax, Extended Distrance Coaxial Cable, Triaxial, and Miniature Coaxial Cables. Also available are RG6, RG11, RG58, RG59, miniature RG59, High Resolution and Super High Resolution Bundles in PVC & Plenum. Applications for these types of products include studio, control room, and outdoor applications. Galaxy can work with you to design a custom construction to meet your individual needs. Galaxy can provide cable assemblies using any of these cable types.

Galaxy offers quick lead times, low minimum order quantities, and can tailor a custom stocking program to work with your usage requirements. This allows you to lower your unit cost and virtually eliminate lead times. Call Galaxy today to learn more!

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