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Galil's library of motion control tutorials cover a range of subjects including tuning, motors and drives and motion programming.


"Motion Controller Demonstration" In this 15-minute video, Jacob Tal demonstrates tuning and programming motion using a Galil DMC motion controller, WSDK servo design software and a servo motor with encoder


"Tuning Servo Systems for Optimum Performance" Adjustment of PID filter parameters for fast and stable performance of servo systems

"Advanced Tuning Methods" Discussion about notch filter, low-pass filter and feedforward control techniques

"Dual Loop Compensation Methods" Various methods of eliminating backlash are discussed including dual loop

System Design:

"Modes of Motion" Various modes are discussed including jogging, point-to-point positioning, linear and circular interpolation and contouring

"Control of Load Sharing Systems" Using electronic gearing with automatic correction for control systems with a shared load.

"Tension Control of Web Processing Systems" Using electronic gearing to precisely control tension

"Optimal Design of Motion Control Systems"Optimization of velocity profile, optimization of mechanical couplings and method for selecting best motor for minimum power dissipation.


"DMC-21x3 Ethernet Controller n' Drive Sandwiches" Introduces Galil's low-cost, Ethernet motion controllers and attached multi-axis drives

"Flexible-Distributed Control Systems" Discussion of flexible, Ethernet-based distributed control where motion controllers need to be distributed throughout the machine to minimize wiring

"Ethernet and Motion Control" Learn about Ethernet and Modbus terminology, advantages, and special commands for motion control

Software Tools:

"ActiveX Toolkit" Introduction to Visual Basic and Galil's ActiveX Toolkit. Examples of incorporating polling windows and action buttons into a Visual Basic form.

Motors & Drives:

"Servo Amplifier Basics" Reviews servo amplifiers such as linear and PWM drives and voltage and current drives. Power supply and commutation considerations are discussed.

"Using Shunt Regulators" Describes shunt regulators and when they are used. Calulations for both rotary and linear systems

"Piezo Ceramic and Ultrasonic Actuators" Discusses advantages and disadvantages of these actuators. Compensation methods for optimum tuning are presented.

"Step Motor Control" Discusses step motor operation including full-step, half-step and microstep. How to configure Galil controllers for proper operation with step motors

"Microstepping" Discusses microstepping including operation and performance. How to configure Galil's SDM-20640 microstepping drive.

"Brushless Motor Control" Operation of brushless motors. Includes discussion about sinusoidal commutation. Discusses set-up with Galil controllers.


"Connecting Galil I/O" Explanation of TTL and optoisolated I/O and how to connect to it.

"Controller Upgrade Options" Various upgrades are presented including absolute and SSI encoder interfaces, backlash and leadscrew compensation, antifriction bias, two sets of PID and more.

"Overview Of Galil Motion Control" Presentation about the company and products