SDM-20240 Half/Fulll Step Drive

Product Announcement from Galil Motion Control

SDM-20240 Half/Fulll Step Drive-Image

Galil's family of multi-axis stepper and servo drives mount directly to the DMC-21x3 Ethernet motion controllers eliminating the need for a cable which reduces overall costs for OEMs. Interconnect cards are available for extending I/O and adding multi-axis amplifiers to the DMC-21x3 controller.

Several plug-in, multi-axis amplfier boards are available for the DMC-21x3 controller. These include the SDM-20240 for driving four stepper motors in full/half-step mode, the SDM-20640 for driving four stepper motors in the microstepping mode, the AMP-20341 for driving four brush-type servo motors up to 20 Watts, the AMP-20440 for driving four brush-type servos up to 200 Watts, and the AMP-20540 for driving four brushless or brush servos up to 500 Watts. Each of these four-axis amplifier boards attach directly to the 96-pin connector of the DMC-21x3 eliminating the cabling normally associated with interfacing a multi-axis controller to separate single-axis drives.