Modular and Scalable Data Acquisition Hardware

Featured Product from Gantner Instruments, Inc.

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The capabilities of the Q.series X extend well beyond the normal; features like intelligent data filtering, data reduction algorithms, IIoT edge computing, and real-time control for automation make the Q.series X the most versatile data acquisition system available on the market.

Q.series X Comes with Impressive X-tras:
  • Powerful signal conditioning, like filtering and channel-to-channel operations
  • Higher ADC rates
  • Higher data rates
  • Customized connectors
  • Re-configuration during operation
  • High Flexibility – Use Different Interfaces with the Same Measurement Module
Measurement and I/O Modules for all Relevant Signals:
Dedicated Modules
  • 8 strain gage quarter, half and full bridge
  • 16 strain gage quarter bridge
  • 8 thermocouples
  • 8 voltages or current
Multi-Purpose Modules
  • 2 or 4 inputs for almost all sensors
  • Strain gage module with DC and CF excitation
High Isolation Modules
  • Isolation 1200 VDC
  • Inputs for voltage, current, thermocouples, Pt100, NTC, IEPE, strain gage full and half-bridge
Digital Modules
  • Frequency and PWM in and outputs
  • Quadrature and up/down counter
  • Specials like missing tooth detection and chronos method