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Farmers need lots of water to produce a crop. Irrigated rice receives about 40% of the world’s irrigation water and 30% of the world’s total developed freshwater resources. GATOR Pump has an affordable solution for farmers around the world who need to irrigate from rivers, ponds and lakes.

GATOR Pumpis simple to use, easy to operate and will last over decades of use. We save farmers time and money with our cost effective and fuel saving solutions. Our solid steel design can be mounted in fixed or floating vertical applications with flows up to 18,000 gpm.

We have a full line of agricultural and industrial dewatering pumps that will fit any flood or dewatering pumping requirement. All GATOR Pumps are available in portable PTO driven trailer pumps, pontoon floating or vertical platform mounted pumps, and all can be powered by PTO, electric or diesel motors.


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