Industrial Pump Applications from Gator Pump

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GATOR Pumps can be found in a wide range of industrial and construction applications where continuous flow is key to profitability.

Talk with our engineering team and we will help you select the GATOR Pump that best serves your operational need.

Industrial Pump Applications include:

  • Chemical process pumps

  • Coal companies

  • Food pulp processors

  • Gravel and sand quarries

  • Industrial companies

  • Landfill operators

  • Manufacturers

  • Mining water transfer pumps

  • Oilfield water and mud injection pumps

  • Refinery fire suppression pumps

  • Locomotive engine degreasing/cleaning pits

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   Our solid steel design can be mounted in fixed or floating vertical applications with flows up to 18,000 gpm. We easily pump sludge and mud and can agitate, slurry, and pump heavy mix in manure lagoons and mud removal applications with no suction, no check valves, no priming.