The GATOR Pump Portable Cart Pump

Featured Product from Gator Pump, Inc.

Gator Pump introduces a portable, lightweight Cart Pump that can be hand loaded, wheeled and operated by just one person.   Now you can take our same rugged GATOR Pump steel design in the back of your truck, van, or even the trunk of your car.   Use the GATOR Cart Pump for any job where you need a lightweight and maneuverable pump.

The GATOR Cart Pump is easily wheeled about on its hand-truck dolly chassis and can be powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor, depending upon your power preference.

Discharge hose and clamps are available for both the 2″ and 3″ pump sizes and these pumps can produce flows up to 200 U.S. gallons per minute.

  • drain ditches
  • empty pools and ponds
  • irrigate gardens and crops
  • easy to handle personal cart pump
  • screened intakes are keep rags or trash from clogging the flow
  • no suction, no priming and no check valves. 

Just roll it in the water, crank the motor and start enjoying the best little pump you will ever own.

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