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This material has applications in adhesives, coatings, oil additives, textiles(as a dye additive),paints, photoresists, photopolymer plates, rubber modifiers, dental composites, and cosmetics.It can be incorporated in flocculants or coagulants for water treatment,and is an excellent stabilizer or surface active demulsifier in oil in water separations and in liquid dispersion polymers. This monomer offers excellent adhesion to metallic and plastic substrates.It also offers low shrinkage and water solubility properties to its copolymers.This material also has FDA clearance for use as basic components of single and repeat use food contact surfaces.

Gelest, Inc.
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Gelest is a US-based innovator, manufacturer, and global supplier of specialty silicones, organosilanes, metal-organics, and acrylate monomers. We serve advanced technology markets including medical devices, life sciences, coatings & adhesives, microelectronics, and personal care. Our mission is to contribute to customer success by developing cutting edge chemical technology, products, and services to address society’s most complex material science challenges. We drive value through innovation.