50 Grades of Carbide Available

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

50 Grades of Carbide Available-Image

We have one of the broadest ranges of tungsten carbide grades in the industry and the tightest specs you'll find anywhere. This allows us to produce high-quality grades matched to your most exacting requirements. General Carbide manufactures over 50 different grades of carbide, all of which undergo sinter-HIP processing - 100%. At General Carbide, we use cobalt binders ranging in concentrations from 3% to 30% to resist wear and/or high impact. We offer grain sizes from 0.55 microns to 10 microns. In addition, we offer a broad range of tungsten carbide grades with tantalum carbide for resistance to galling/adhesive wear. Please link to our grade spec sheets to view the list of our standard grades. Our interactive Grade Selector Guide enables the inquirer to input answers to questions about the specific application and narrows the choice of grades. A technical grade data sheet is available in pdf format for download