Can Tooling

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

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General Carbide is a supplier of tungsten carbide components for the can tooling industry. We produce a variety of grades with cobalt or nickel binders for your unique can tooling application. If you are producing: cupper tooling, rivet tooling, scroll dies, bodymaker punches, ironing rings, score dies and other related tooling we have a tungsten carbide grade for you.

Today, we produce can tooling components for customers around the globe. We supply custom shaped preform or blocks for Wire EDM to your individual specifications. All of our products are guaranteed to be Sinter-HIP'ed to insure optimum metallurgical quality.

General Carbide has a variety of corrosion resistant grades that will help prevent damage to your tooling components during the fabrication process and leaching from various lubricants. Please contact us to discuss the solution for your specific application.