Chain-Serts Extends Life of Saw Chain Tips

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

Chain-Serts Extends Life of Saw Chain Tips-Image

General Carbide Helps Saw Chain Manufacturer

General Carbide has helped Indigo Innovators perfect a field replaceable carbide saw chain tip that lasts 50 times longer than traditional steel saw tip inserts. General Carbide also made the progressive die to stamp the chain links, as well as the powder metal die and punch to mold the tip holder.

Chain-Serts™ can be re-sharpened and do not require a special tool or fastener to wedge a new insert onto the chain, or remove a spent one. Adding to Chain-Serts' field appeal is the fact that they are manufactured using processes which minimize environmental impact. Depending upon a saw chain's length, there are between 20 and 100 carbide tips on any given chain. These replaceable cutters are the toughest carbide teeth available because they are made using a high-temp 1800°F brazing process that results in more braze per part and creates a bonding surface for the specially-designed carbide seating on the cutter body.

Those features have resulted in the production of tougher, longer-lasting, impact-resistant carbide teeth for saw chains used on chainsaws, firewood processors, landing saws, feller bunchers and mechanized harvesters. The carbide-and-steel assembly cuts through wood, nails, shingles and tin much quicker than steel, making it useful in a variety of reclamation services.

Chain-Serts chain links are made from long-lasting aircraft-quality steel, which means that the user needs only to replace the spent cutter. Furthermore, the saw chain is not chromeplated and the rivets are not cadmium-coated, which help to improve the product's sustainability. These design features reduce raw material waste and eliminate the need for Indigo to perform environmentally toxic processes.

The product has earned a patent in Canada and has a patent pending in the United States.