Custom Preforms

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

Custom Preforms -Image

General Carbide offers an extensive range of preform shapes, formulated to meet the most demanding of carbide needs. For harsh environments, we offer nickel binder grades where corrosion, oxidation and wear push your tooling to the limit.

We specialize in the following custom preforms:

  • Heading die inserts
  • Extrusion die inserts
  • Can tooling components
  • Powder metal tooling
  • Progressive die tooling
  • Carbides for wire EDM
  • Punches for hot and cold forming
  • Standard EDM blanks
  • Tube drawing inserts
  • Wire drawing die inserts
  • Rings and bushings
  • Rotary tooling
  • Rolls for flattening and forming
  • Carbide rods
  • Wear components
  • Saw blanks