Grade Development

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

Grade Development-Image

General Carbide has the capability to develop a tailored grade to meet specific application requirements. We review all operating parameters with the customer and mutually agree upon an existing grade modification or the need to devise a new grade, utilizing a combination of grain size, binder type and content and other alloying agents. We have the ability to spray dry large or small amounts for prototype testing. Typical production batches are 180kg but smaller batches can be made upon request. We offer over 50 standard grades to satisfy the most demanding metalforming and wear applications but we are able to modify any of these to better perform in a particular environment. See our Grade Selector Guide to help with applying an existing grade to your application.

We can combine the best characteristics of wear life, toughness and corrosion resistance to improve performance. We sinter-HIP all grades to ensure the highest quality in all our grades.