Oil/Gas Components

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

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General Carbide has various tungsten carbide grades in operation in oil/gas exploration applications as well as production and flow control operations and in MWD (measurement while drilling) apparatus. We manufacture over 50 grades of material which will satisfy any oil/ gas wear application involving erosive wear from drilling mud, abrasive wear from rock formations and chemical/mechanical corrosive wear including applications that involve impact.

Our application engineering staff has years of experience to reliably predict how successful a grade will be in a particular environment. Although high hardness is usually assumed to be the best physical property to resist wear, hardness is not the only property to consider. Grain size type of binder and the overall operating environment also determine which grade will perform best. Our preform shaping skills will ensure that stock allowances are kept to a minimum if you can do in-house grinding or we can supply a finish ground component as desired.