Synthetic Diamond Manufacturing

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

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Diamond compaction tooling and the substrates upon which the PCD is sintered are proven products manufactured by General Carbide. The extremely high compressive loading accompanied by fatigue from the cyclical action of the press requires a homogeneous, pore free microstructure for the compaction anvil. We supply a grade of carbide that delivers high cycle life due to the double hot iso-static (HIP) pressing process that it undergoes. We sinter all of our products in a sinter-HIP furnace under the simultaneous application of heat and pressure to fully consolidate the microstructure of the material but diamond compaction anvils undergo a separate and additional post sintering operation. They are then HIP'd under higher pressure and at temperatures that almost reach the original sintering temperature. This ensures that the material will contain no residual voids or flaws. This extra HIP operation adds a higher degree of performance reliability than would otherwise be experienced.

General Carbide is also a major supplier of carbide substrates and backup discs to this industry. We press and sinter substrates with intricate surface configurations, built into the press tooling. Our superior ultrasonic cleaning operation and proprietary cleaning solution provides a surface finish condition which is receptive to the polycrystalline diamond table without pre-cleaning and is readily able to be brazed.