Tooling Tough as Nails!

Product Announcement from General Carbide Corporation

Tooling Tough as Nails!-Image

Powernail is a Zurich, IL based manufacturer of hardwood flooring nails, also called "blind" nails. The company stamps 1 billion of these L-cleats and E-cleats from .062-inch steel annually. After switching to two General Carbide grade formulations, GC-411CT for the die sections and GC-415CT for the punches, they achieved four times longer die life and are able to produce higher quality nails. In addition, Powernail's new stamping punches and dies have reduced tooling costs by 50% because they don't need to be changed as frequently.

These formulations consist of coarse-grain tungsten carbide particles, contain less binder than the grades used previously, and have a higher percentage of corrosion-resistant additives. The material composition improves the strength and wear resistance.