Smart Card Reader

Product Announcement from General Digital Corporation

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General Digital™ can seamlessly incorporated an optional Smart Card Reader into several of our flip-up LCD monitor / keyboard products, including the SlimLine Lite™ II, SlimLine 1U, TwoView and their sunlight readable equivalents.

Developed for numerous applications, including the military's Common Access Card (CAC) Program, our robust LCD monitor / keyboard / trackball units become even more versatile with Smart Card capability. Stylishly integrated into the front of the keyboard enclosure, the Smart Card Reader is a reliable, high performance device that complies with industry standards to ensure smooth deployment in any enterprise.

With dimensions of the units identical to the standard products, the ActivIdentity® (formerly ActivCard®) Smart Card CAC Reader adds a negligible amount of weight to the rack mount packages. Also, only a negligible amount of additional power is required for operation.

Supported platforms are Windows® 95, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 7 and Solaris. USB speed is 12 Mbps. Full certification with industry standards.

An added bonus that can optionally be incorporated is an extra front-accessible USB port, useful for pocket-sized USB storage devices or any other USB-operated device.

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