Cold-Shot® Pipe Freeze Kit

Featured Product from General Pipe Cleaners

No need to drain water lines, sprinkler systems, or hot water systems before cutting pipe or tubing. The Cold-Shot® keeps pressurized systems operating while you make repairs.           

It freezes all type of liquids in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, and plastic pipes ranging from 1/8" to 2" (10 mm – 60 mm) using carbon dioxide (CO2). Dip-tube type cylinders are available at all welding supply houses.                

The Cold-Shot works faster and is less expensive than “refrigerator-type” units; is more compact and uses less CO2 than “bag-type” units because the freeze head makes a better seal around the pipe.  In five minutes, you’re ready to go to work on 1/2" copper tubing,  and just three minutes for cast iron pipe.

The Cold-Shot is easy to use. Just place the freeze head around the pipe, attach the hose, and open the cylinder valve. Liquid carbon dioxide will flow into the freeze head and form dry ice with a temperature of minus 110F° (-79C°). That’s cold enough to form an
ice pack that can withstand 7,000 psi, yet won’t damage pipes.

Kit includes 10 sets of freeze heads for 1/8" to 2" lines (10mm to 60mm), two high pressure spiral hoses with injectors, T-distributor, locking nut, hex head screwdriver, rubber gloves, goggles and carrying case.

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