Prevent Splash-Back w/VeraPlunge™ Toilet Plunger

Featured Product from General Pipe Cleaners

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Tired of the messy, germ-laden splash-back with old-fashioned toilet plungers? Take the VersaPlunge™ from General Pipe Cleaners!

With its patented, extremely pliable cone, it easily conforms to nearly any shaped toilet bowl opening, creating a tight seal in virtually any toilet design. It’s better than any other plunger on the market!


  • Patented VersaFlange easily forms a tight seal in virtually any drain opening to prevent splash back.
  • Roll up the end of the VersaFlange to make a flat bottom to clear sinks and other drain openings.
  • Super compressible accordion-style bellows makes it easier to apply extra force to clear the stoppage.
  • Built-in relief valve in the handle lets you easily purge the air from the device before thrusting and prevent splashback.
  • Easy grip handle gives you more control and is a lot easier to use than the broom handle found on traditional plungers.

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