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LAST-A-FOAM® for use as dielectric material

Featured Product from General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

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General Plastics offers a variety of LAST-A-FOAM® products for use as dielectric material in radio frequency (RF) communication systems  such as radomes, antennas and others. Located on land, sea and in the air, these high-performing electronic applications need an RF-transparent and protective layer with the capability to support manufacturing processing.

Protection from wind, rain and other environmental elements is an important factor. LAST-A-FOAM® rigid foams are durable, closed-cell and do not absorb water, thus preventing changes in dielectric performance. Our dielectric materials display non-dispersive and low-loss properties, where dielectric performance stays stable at a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.

While available densities range from 3 to 40 pounds per cubic foot, densities and formulations can be tailored to a customer’s needs and specific dielectric constant and loss tangent requirements. LAST-A-FOAM® products have a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 240ºF to 350ºF, which dramatically increases their processing capabilities. In addition, its fine cell structure and high dimensional stability make it an ideal material for applications requiring sandwich panels and complex shapes made to tight tolerances.

These products are available in sheets and blocks as well as machined final core configurations. Certificates of performance for some products can be supplied upon request.






  • RF-2200 Dielectric Foam Series
  • FR-3700 Performance Core Series
  • FR-7100 Multi-Use Core and Modeling Board Series


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