Thermal weight -bearing blocks for construction

Product Announcement from General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

Cold Storage Construction Column Bearing Blocks-Products R-9300

General Plastics R-9300 Thermal Isolation Blocks series are a high-density cellular polyurethane material. They are designed to support heavy structural loads while insulating a building interior from the external elements. They are commonly used as column bearing blocks for cold storage facilities. Also, used for perimeter fall protection blocks as a key component for industrial roof safety and roof isolation block supporting HVAC and other heavy equipment.

The R-9300 Thermal Isolation block is a high-density rigid cellular polyurethane material designed to support heavy structural loads while insulating a building interior from the supporting ground. Cellular polyurethane is a natural insulator and even at the high densities needed for support of roof-column loads, R-9300 will provide thermal insulation value superior to lightweight concrete, treated wood blocks, and other materials typically used in this application.

Typical applications of this material include use as a thermal isolation load-bearing block in concrete footings for roof-column supports in refrigerated warehouse structures. The high-density of this cellular polyurethane material gives it strength to support large compressive loads with little deflection. Each lot of R-9300 material is tested and certified for its compressive-strength.

Product Features:

  • Blocks are custom-cut, with pre-drilled anchor bolt holes
  • Will not rot or dissolve in sub-grade applications
  • Does not release any chemical compounds into surrounding soil
  • Cellular polyurethane is a natural insulator
  • Delivered as a fully-cured, ready to use material, there is no waiting before moving on to the next construction step, saving precious time
  • Short-circuits energy transfer to cooler/warmer earth at foundation
  • High compressive strength to support roof-column loads
  • Closed-cell material will not absorb liquid water
  • Will not support insects or vermin
  • Compatible with grouts, adhesives, concrete; Will not promote steel corrosion
  • Standard blocks are single-piece, with no adhesive joints
  • Blocks are custom-cut, with anchor-bolt holes pre-drilled, if desired
  • Standard R-9300 blocks are available in 30 (R-9330), 35 (R-9335), and 40 (R-9340) pound-per-cubic-foot densities
  • R-9330 blocks are certified to support compressive loads up to 1,000 psi at 2% deflection. R-9335 and R-9340 blocks will support higher loads at similar 2% deflection

Other Products/Applications Available

General Plastics offers its LAST-A-FOAM® R-9300 Column-Bearing Block Series for the following applications:

Roof Isolation

Placed on top of the building's roof, these insulating blocks support HVAC and other heavy equipment while preventing radiant heat transfer to the building's interior. This added insulation keeps the building interior cooler and reduces the load on cooling equipment, lowering utility costs.

Perimeter Fall Protection

These sturdy blocks are a key component of a commercial or industrial roof safety system. Our 9300 Series polyurethane blocks are custom-cut with pre-drilled anchor-bolt holes for securing to the surface of existing roof structures. The high-density material provides greater load-bearing ability and durability than wood. Contact CSI to assist you with specifications and delivery requirements.

Pre-cast or Tilt-up Concrete

Our 9300 Series provides thermal isolation when installed under pre-cast or tilt-up concrete walls.

General Plastics offers its LAST-A-FOAM®

FR-7100 Column-Bearing Block Series for the following applications:

Walk-in Floor Panel Blocks

Used inside a floor panel for walk-in coolers and freezers, these lower density blocks, cost-effectively support shelving as well as provide a valuable thermal break to prevent the transfer of thermal energy between the floor and ground. The insulating qualities minimize costly energy losses. General Plastics provides blocks to your specified dimensions.

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General Plastics Manufacturing Company has three products lines: rigid foam, flexible foam, and production parts.

Rigid foam is used for composite core, tools, models, and signs.

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Production parts are build-to-print composite parts for the military, aerospace, and transportation industries.

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About Us

Aircraft manufacturers have counted on General Plastics Manufacturing Company since the 1950s. We manufacture LAST-A-FOAM® high performance polyurethane foam. LAST-A-FOAM® is the foundation for the flight deck and interior parts that are used on today's commercial and military aircraft. In addition to aerospace, General Plastics also serves the following markets:

Blast Mitigation

The BLAST TAMER® is a wall system that incorporates advanced technology polyurethane foam designed to mitigate inadvertent explosion in ordnance storage facilities. General Plastics is experienced in building and designing these explosion protection systems. These systems are currently in-use in the United States.

Composite Core

From the impact resistance required for a hockey stick blade to the durability of a wing tip, General Plastics' LAST-A-FOAM® can provide a high-strength, low-weight solution for your manufacturing process. Whether you need board stock or machined parts, we can meet your exacting specifications.


General Plastics R-9300 Thermal Isolation Blocks are a high-density cellular polyurethane material. They are designed to support heavy structural loads while insulating a building interior from the external elements. They are commonly used as column bearing blocks for storage facilities.


General Plastics LAST-A-FOAM® allows boat builders to replace wood components with non-decaying products that are fully compatible with fiberglass laminating production methods. It is specifically formulated to meet the demanding requirements of the boating industr


Specially engineered General Plastics' LAST-A-FOAM® is ideal for use with medical imaging equipment. LAST-A-FOAM® has also been uniquely designed to mimic human bone densities.

Nuclear Containers

General Plastics' Manufacturing Company has been the leader in crash and fire protection for nuclear transportation packages for over 40 years. LAST-A-FOAM®'s proven impact resistance combined with its fire protection properties makes it the ideal material for protecting radioactive cargo.

Prototypes & Models

General Plastics is where great ideas take shape. Whether you are building a sports car or a topographical map, LAST-A-FOAM® has proven to be a stable and precise material. Please see the Tooling and Bonding Guide for more information.


General Plastics high-density urethane (HDU) foam is the leading choice to replace wood in sign manufacturing. Its ease of machining makes it the ideal material for artists and its long-term durability allows it to withstand harsh climates.

Solar Energy

General Plastics LAST-A-FOAM® has been engineered to provide a structural backing for solar panels. LAST-A-FOAM® can provide long-term durability, structural strength and rigidity for optical clarity of solar panels. The strength to weight ration makes LAST-A-FOAM® ideal for solar panel installation.

Tooling & Molds

General Plastics LAST-A-FOAM® has been a dependable source for tool-makers for over 40 years. From low-temperature layup applications to high-temperature autoclave (420°F), we can provide a tooling board to meet your needs.

Our Vision:

To be the natural choice of our customers, attract new customers, and maintain dominance in our chosen markets by providing the best value in unique cellular materials. We shall achieve growth by applying our skills and technologies into the creation of innovative, engineered products that will attract and retain the best customers.

Our Mission:

We achieve our vision by making state-of-the-art LAST-A-FOAM® and other specialty plastic products, and by focusing on the expectations of our customers and the needs of our employees.

The Proof is in the Results:

Whether testing our own polyurethane foam products, advanced composite materials, or sample designs/ assemblies provided by a client, reliable test results are essential. General Plastics consistently follows well-defined procedures that represent industry best practices and the ongoing refinement of internally developed techniques.

We have seven decades of experience performing quality assurance to the most exacting standards for our own products. Consistent performance - coupled with our ability to navigate myriad test methods, specifications and customer requirements - have made General Plastics a recognized center of excellence for physical property and flammability testing.


General Plastics' extensive quality assurance program satisfies the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Defense. We earned FAA approval of our burn-test facilities in 2010. General Plastics is certified to ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C. It meets such exacting quality systems as:

• NQA-1
• Mil-I-45208A
• Boeing Company D6-82479