Canister Wing Assemblies

Product Announcement from Generic Fluid Systems

Canister Wing Assemblies-Image

Wings contain 3 or 6 gallon conical bottom canisters. Are typically combined with our Pump Train systems which mount to the bottom frame of the wing. This is a convenient method of ingredient supply when materials are stocked in one gallon cans or 5 gallon pails.

Available with 2 to 10 circuit wings.

Canisters feed directly to pump suction and a return (recirculation) tap.

Pump train with motor and pumps are included.

Tube and hosing hangers are included.

All covers are appliance-style stainless steel, with lift-off design. No tools required.

PLC-based controller for the system is included.

Operator control panel is included.

Class 1/Division 1 hazardous area compatible. Does not require purging.