RMix ™ Single Formula, Ratio Dispenser

Product Announcement from Generic Fluid Systems

RMix ™ Single Formula, Ratio Dispenser-Image

For accurate Ratio (proportioning) of ingredients in real-time. Applications typically involve some type of "catalyst" which is proportioned with a base ingredient. Common uses: adhesives for laminators in the flex pack industry, or catalyzed paint. Can real-time ratio a formula of up to 4 ingredients through a unique Active Mixer assembly

The Standard of Accurate Speed

RMix competes with all other equipment in terms of speed, but few can even come close to challenging its accuracy.

Blend On Demand

RMix save time and money by dispensing the formula quickly, accurately, and on a just-in-time basis.

Any Materials

Blend aggressive solvents, aqueous solutions, highly viscous materials, or any other challenging media…the RMix can handle them.

Any Size Batch

Need a few ounces in a small container, 50 gallons in a drum, or 300 gallons in a tote….no problem.

Multi-Mode Dispense Capabilities

Ratio up to 4 ingredients simultaneously. Run batches in Volumetric simultaneous dispense (all ingredients dispensed at the same time), or Gravimetric mode (ingredients dispensed one at a time).

Industrial Strength

This is not Retail or Point-of-Sale equipment; these are robust, reliable, fast, and accurate dispensers for industrial uses.


All structural and surface materials are stainless steel. Wing tops are perimeter welded, leak proof stainless steel designed for easy clean up of spills and the prevention of cross contamination of materials.

Recirculation and Agitation

Automated, configurable fluids recirculation keep materials "fresh" and prevents solids from settling. Optional mechanical agitation is available for supplied canisters.

Minimum Floor Space

Considering the large volume and speed the RMix can dispense, its' 200 square feet minimum floor space (for a typical 3 circuit unit), makes the greatest use of your floor space compared to competitors' machines.

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